About the Author

Detroit Data Lab is a project run by a digital strategist from the Midwest who specializes in the delivery of digital marketing, business intelligence, and enterprise digital transformation projects and products.

I have certifications as a Microsoft Business Intelligence Manager, Scrum Master, an IT Service Manager, and an R programmer. I have additional experience in system administration, networking administration, and cloud infrastructure, which comes in handy when things don’t go as expected.

My most familiar programming language is R, but I’ve been known to debug and write Javascript and Python in a pinch.

The tools I use the most are Microsoft Power BI; Microsoft Cognitive Services; Microsoft Dynamics CRM; Azure Machine Learning Studio; Adobe Analytics, Target, and DTM; Google Analytics; Oracle Eloqua; Salesforce.

Code & Samples

If I wrote code that I find may be useful to others, it makes it into my GitHub profile.

Contact Me

Feedback, comments, and questions are always welcome at feedback@detroitdatalab.com.